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How to Teach British Literature
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How to Teach British Literature: A Practical Teaching Guide provides English teachers, home school parents, school administrators, or anyone interested in an in-depth study of the subject with a clear, concise discussion of British literature over the last thirteen centuries. The book includes resources such as study questions and tests with suggested answers, essay topics, audio-visual aids and web-based reference material, classroom activities and handouts. Throughout the book, the author suggests methods that encourage student participation and promote enjoyment so that young people learn to appreciate the sheer fun of literary study. This book provides a comprehensive methodology for teaching the subject that a teacher could apply to a years lesson plans without further investment in time. How to Teach British Literature: A Practical Teaching Guide by Elizabeth McCallum Marlow is a thorough, traditional approach to teaching classic British literature. The authors emphases on reading and writing will aid teachers, novices, and veterans to build a solidcurriculum. This volume includes many supplemental resources and student-centered activities. The guide is a valuable tool for teachers. Jane Ferguson, M.Ed, Ed.S High School English Teacher and College English Instructor Truett McConnell College, GA University of Georgia, Athens, GA Elizabeth McCallum Marlow has developed a quality comprehensive guide for the teaching community based on her thirty-five years of experience and her passion for literature. Teaching professionals will find her tried and true practices to be invaluable. Johnathan Arnold, MBA, M.Ed, D.Ed.Min Headmaster Covenant Christian Academy, Cumming, GA

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